Not since the blind taste tests of the 1980s has competition been so fierce between Coca-Cola and Pepsico. So, what are they competing over this time? It’s not market share for soda pop, nor is it Super Bowl ad placement.

Actually, it’s something you might not expect. Both soda giants have simultaneously expressed interest in buying a portion of Chobani Yogurt. Okay, but what’s brought on this sudden interest in Greek yogurt by the two giants? Are they looking to get a little more culture in their lives? (Zing.)

While it may initially seem like a strange move, apparently if either company did put forth a significant investment into the yogurt brand, Chobani’s valuation could then reach the ballpark of $3 billion. Not too shabby. Besides, this isn’t the first time either company has hopped on a seemingly healthy food product, as Coke owns Odwalla and Vitamin Water while Pepsi owns Quaker Oats and Sabra hummus. As always, it’s not just about what you’re selling, but really how much of it you’re selling as well.

[via Grubstreet]