Do you struggle when trying to pop bottles of champagne in a club? Do your arms get fatigued from having to move the bottle up and down to make sure everyone around you is thoroughly sprayed? Well, a Miami-based company as a solution for you: The champagne machine gun.

According to the Miami New Times, Jeremy Touitou—the owner of a “nightlife supplies” company that makes things like sparklers for champagne bottles—is helping Americans discover the joys of the “world’s first champagne gun.” Touitou is the official distributor in USA of the French-based company Extra-Night, which invented the product—essentially, an over-the-top adult Super Soaker that comes with a $459 price tag (champagne not included).


To use the gun, all you have to do is attach a magnum of champagne—the only size the contraption currently works with—and give the gun a few shakes. From there you’ll be able to shoot streams of champagne up to 23 feet like a Rambo, if Rambo were a flashy, bottle service-loving bro. Best of all, the gun comes in three finishes—gold, rose gold, and chrome—so in theory you could match it to your iPhone.

It’s been a great few months for champagne-dispensing product innovation. Late last year, a company invented a champagne bong, or Chambong. The half flute, half bong lets you guzzle bubbly the way a frat bro pounds Natty Light on a Monday morning, but because it’s champagne, it’s automatically classier (right?).

[via Miami New Times]