In the off chance you’re planning to make New Year’s 2016 a classy affair, the Chambong is the answer to your prayers.

The origin story of the Chambong is an unlikely one: while at a Super Bowl party, the creators of the not-yet-invented Chambong were inspired to make a literal super bowl. Although the attempt at creating a record-breaking bong for weed did not work out, a redesigned version of the piece resulted in the creation of a wine shooter later known as the Chambong.

The half champagne flute, half bong is what the designers call “a magical device made of high quality glass that will make you feel sparkling and happy.” No longer will you need to politely sip your glass of champagne at a dinner party. With the Chambong, you can down glass after glass and get drunk in a hurry.


The process is simple: just tilt, pour, and drink. You can even hack your Chambong with hard liquor so you can ditch the dreaded shot glass and revolutionize the way in which you pregame for a night out.

In case you’re in the market for more great food inventions, here are five of the most unique tools on the market to compliment your next meal:


Are you the type of person who dreads cheese dust stains on your fingers after downing a bag of Doritos? The guys at Trongs feel your pain. With this creative invention, you can channel your inner crustacean and claw onto some of your favorite foods—and still have clean fingers to text with.

Pizza Cutter Fork

If you’re in the market for an item that minimizes the time in which it takes to cut a slice of pizza and eat it, look no further than the pizza cutter fork. Knives and forks will never seem more overrated.

Potato Chip Hand

The only thing my dad wanted from Japan #potatochipgrabber #takaratomy #japan

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The Japanese have next-level inventions on lock. Similar to the idea of Trongs, this potato chip hand will help you reach into a bag of chips without transferring bacteria from your hands onto the chips. It’s a great safety precaution, really.

Portable Pizza Pouch

You will never again go hungry with the portable pizza lanyard. This invention allows easy storage for that extra slice of pizza you aren’t quite sure you still have room in your stomach for. The fashionable accessory is perfect for on-the-go snackage— whether you’re sitting in traffic, stuck in a meeting, or late to class.

The Chork

We all got a #chork to eat our @therightpoint group lunch with today!

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This utensil is perfect for the sushi bar customer who can never decide if she’s willing to go all in with the chopsticks or take the easy way out with the fork. The chork gives the diner all the ease of eating with a fork while simultaneously giving the option to test the waters of mastering chopsticks.

[via Mashable]