There’s nothing new about beer kegs on campus, unless you’re enrolled at the Culinary Institute of America where a seven barrel microbrewery is currently under construction. It will be operated by Brooklyn Brewery when it opens this summer at the school’s Hyde Park, NY campus, and will be set in “a glass-walled environment meant to evoke and old Brooklyn warehouse,” according to a press release.

At Brooklyn Brewery at the CIA, students will learn about brewing operations, brewpub management, and what it feels like to have the coolest student rec center in the tristate area. The good news for the rest of us is that it will also be open to the public, so punters can sample student-brewed lager, pilsner, and seasonal beers from Anthony Bourdain’s alma mater. As if an on-campus pop-up restaurant with a five-course tasting menu for $29 wasn’t reason enough to visit.

The Pangea pop-up restaurant is in operation from February to June 2015. (Photo: CIA)

The Pangea pop-up restaurant is in operation from January to June 2015. (Photo: CIA)

There are already several university-backed brewing certifications available in the U.S., but New York state is becoming a bit of a craft beer learning center. Last fall, Paul Smith’s College began offering a minor in craft beer studies. It’s the first school to make a brewing course available to all full-time students, a curriculum change that presumably altered the college’s beer pong and flip cup games forever.

[via Westfair]