If that same repetitive cup of chamomile tea every night has you down, take a trip across the pond to Camellia’s Tea House in London. The store has invented a new way to experience tea: through the nose.

In a recent installation for the Experimental Food Society Spectacular 2013, the tea house set up cups of vaporized tea in a range of flavors. Camellia’s invited their visitors to grab straws and inhale the drink. The teas offered included Beautiful Skin Tea and Antiviral Tea.

Want to stay young forever? Put down that slice of breakfast pizza and inhale a glass of green tea instead.

It’s a well known fact that tea is good for you. According to the Mother Nature Network, doctors say that green tea can fight cancer cells and reduce the risk of blood clots and strokes. Rooibos has anti-aging properties, while black tea reduces stress.

Watch the video and click through the gallery to see the vaporized tea in action.

[via NOTCOT, Design Taxi]

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