For a long time, American craft beer was dominated by the northern states along the coasts, as well as trailblazers in Midwestern states like Michigan. But within the last decade, the South has established its clout in the brewing industry. Thanks to the pressure of local homebrewing societies, beer aficionados, entrepreneurs, and even transplanted northerners who refuse to travel hundreds of miles homeward to escape the grips of watered-down macro lagers, laws are finally shifting in support of microbreweries.

These days, craft brewers such as Florida’s Cigar City, Alabama’s Good People Brewing, and South Carolina’s Westbrook are being mentioned in the same sentences with the Dogfish Heads, Three Floyds, and Russian Rivers doing their thing above the Mason-Dixon.

While some of Southern breweries ship their wares across the country, the best way to get a taste for the down-south brew revolution is to actually go see it first-hand. Here are 10 breweries that have not only contributed to the South’s emergence as a power player on the national beer scene, but are also phenomenal to visit in person.

Written by Ale Sharpton (@AleSharpton)

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