Like Snowden’s national security leaks, Cruise’s Scientology spiels, or Miley’s depraved twerks, beer can be a polarizing phenomenon. With a profusion of new suds flooding the market every single day, breweries often look for ways to set themselves apart from the flock, so it’s inevitable that someone will be offended somewhere.

More often than not, a beer is controversial not because of what’s inside the bottle or can, but rather what’s on the label. Some breweries shamelessly rely on a certain amount of shock value—either the label artwork or beer name—to get their products noticed (I’m looking at you, Ass Clown Brewing…). Other times, it’s a beer’s ridiculously high alcohol content that will get it more attention than it deserves—can a 40%-ABV beverage even be considered beer?—or an unexpected additive, like caffeine or steroids.

From a brewery that’s routinely charged with misogyny to a hoppy ale that brought the feds to Brooklyn, here are 10 controversial beers that are sure to offend you or someone you know.