For those who want to imbibe like they’re in the Seven Kingdoms, the creators of HBO’s A Game of Thrones called upon Brewery Ommegang to craft a series of ales inspired by the show. The Cooperstown, N.Y. brewery will pay tribute to the world created by George R. R. Martin by taking cues from its “themes, characters, and nuances.”

Iron Throne Blonde Ale will be released next March 31, the first of four beers that will be timed timed to debut on the premiere of each season. The word is that a 750 milliliter bottle will run you for a suggested retail price of $8.50. We’re guessing that

Built in 1997 on an 136-acre former hop farm, the Belgian-style Brewery Ommegang was the “first farmstead brewery to be built in the USA for over a hundred years.” It was one of the trailblazers of the revived interest in Belgian ales among American craft brewers.