Yesterday, we published what we thought was a pretty comprehensive look at the most prominent trends in cocktails right now. Looks like we missed one rather dubious one thought: cocktails that you inhale rather than drink.

NPR’s The Salt brings word of the Vaportini, “a simple device that evaporates flavor-infused spirits, so you can breathe in the aromas and alcohol through a glass straw.” As the author points out, “[It’s like] something between warming a brandy snifter over a candle and freebasing Knob Creek bourbon.”

Apparently, the Vaportini has been getting some buzz in Chicago, though Time Out Chicago’s Jake Malooley isn’t entirely convinced of its merits. After testing the device for a story, he told the Salt that it “eliminates a lot of the sensual elements of the cocktail experience,” such as temperature and mouth feel. He did say, however, that he was surprised by how much of the flavor of whiskey came through.

The whole notion of bonging a Manhattan seems incredibly gimmicky and brings to mind the oxygen bars of the ’90s, where you huffed “pure air” and ripped shots of vodka to get a cleaner buzz. (Yes, it was stupid, but don’t pretend you didn’t try it.) However, utilizing vapors could certainly complement, rather than replace, more traditional cocktails. Perhaps its inventor, Julie Palmer, should give it to Grant Achatz and see what he can do with it.

[via The Salt]