If you like to wash down your unagi with an ice-cold bottle of Kirin Ichiban, a lawsuit settlement has found that you may actually be owed some money.

Grub Street reports that Anheuser-Busch is now offering refunds to Americans who purchased Kirin between October 25, 2009 and December 17, 2014 with proof of purchase. Refunds are $.50 per six-pack, $.10 per single bottle, or $1.00 per 12-pack. The cap is $50 per person, assuming you have all necessary receipts to reach that amount.


A Florida judge awarded this settlement after two Miami residents sued AB InBev for false advertising claims. Although the labels on both cans and bottles state that Kirin is “Brewed under Kirin’s strict supervision by Anheuser-Busch, Los Angeles, CA and Williamsburg, VA,” the plaintiffs in this case said that it still wasn’t clear enough, because you have to remove the cans or bottles from their packaging to read that statement.

The Miami NewTimes reports that the plaintiffs argued that beer buyers will pay a premium price for imported beer, and that the packaging bearing phrases like “Imported” and “Japan’s Prime Brew” was therefore deceptive.

Just-Drinks.com reports that AB said the following in a statement:

We believe our labeling, packaging and marketing of Kirin Ichiban and Kirin Light have always been truthful. A-B proudly brews these beers in the US under Kirin’s strict supervision, with 100% malt and a special ‘first press’ process. We look forward to continuing to bring premium Japanese-style pilsners to consumers.”

A 2006 press release from A-B states plainly that “Anheuser-Busch has brewed and distributed Kirin Ichiban and Kirin Light for Kirin in the United States since 1996.” We realize that not everyone reads press releases, and that not everyone’s a beer nerd, but we still didn’t think this was any kind of secret.

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