Ladies and gents, the pumpkin spice latte hysteria has come early this year. Starbucks announced a little while ago that it would be unleashing the mighty #PSL juggernaut on the world well before fall. Then, the news broke that the drink doesn’t even contain pumpkin (big surprise there).

Yesterday was the magic (tragic? uneventful?) day when you could get your hands on a #PSL if a) your Starbucks location is participating, and b) you unlocked it with a secret code after having played a Starbucks game—or cheated at it—on social media.

A lot of people on Twitter are throwing #PSL shade:

Whether it’s just a hatred of all things pumpkin in general, or rebelling against our seasons getting smashed together until the entire year is just one big pumpkin-flavored Holidaymas (with fireworks all the time), rest assured—the #PSL was getting plenty of hate, even before you could buy one this year.

But don’t get us wrong, others are hysterical with #PSL excitement:

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