Even though your grandma probably does it, somewhere along the line, pour-over coffee became synonymous with the filthy h-word: Hipsters. Yeah, your unicycle-riding roommate has a meticulously sterilized Chemex sitting on top of a pair of National Science Foundation-approved kitchen scales. But a true coffee nerd would be making brews with an AeroPress—it’s more obscure, more popular in Europe, and way nerdier.

Both the product and its marketing look like something you’d have seen on the Home Shopping Network in the mid-’90s. But that’s part of the appeal. There is no carefully crafted marketing push behind this thing: Word is spreading because it’s just good. And though it has been quietly growing in popularity in the U.S., particularly over the past three years, we’re nowhere near Peak AeroPress yet. You can still get in early here before Gwyneth writes a gushing love letter to it on Goop, and show your smug roommate who the real coffee geek in the house is. Here are eight good reasons why you should.

Important note: Despite what my shamelessly click-baiting headline (hey, you clicked it so it worked so shut up) might suggest, I am not in cahoots with the AeroPress people. I am not related to any of them. They are not paying me to write this. I just like their coffee maker and wanted to write about it in a slide show format.

Written by Ruth Brown (@rbbrown)