“Discover amazing stuff, collect the things you love, buy it all in one place.”

That’s how you’re welcomed to The Fancy, a wish list-style social consumer site that’s frequently referred to as “Pinterest for shopping,” though a quick browse reveals that it has about 95% less wedding stuff and 70% fewer cupcakes (an advantage in our minds). The retail-therapy focus of the site makes it addictive by design, allowing you to curate your own catalog of slick stuff to buy or just ogle—a mix of legitimately cool things and ridiculous, kitschy rich-mook things that make the whole experience sort of feel like Hypebeast meets a futuristic Sharper Image. It’s all damn fun to look at, as celebrity fans like Kanye West and Drake can attest:



Needless to say, we often find ourselves drawn to the food and booze categories on the site, where you can find a treasure trove of things to waste your next paycheck on—from the clever (a bullet bottle opener, lollipop speakers), to the weird (beer lip balm, dog beer), to the completely absurd (an entire pizza truck). There’s also some food-themed gear that’s caught our eye, including cheeseburger slip-ons, a fast-food plastered sweatshirt, and french-fry cufflinks.

Click through the gallery above to see our current obsessions on the Fancy, then fall down the retail rabbit hole yourself at thefancycom.