No matter where you are in the world, there’s nothing quite like sharing a meal and a drink with your people. With that vibe in mind, Jamaican rum brand, Appleton Estate, wants to show gratitude to rum lovers everywhere via its #AppletonAppreciation program. Through partnerships with Caribbean chefs, Appleton Estate is saying thanks by gifting cultural influencers in New York and Miami a meal paired with one of its premium cocktails.

In July, the rum company partnered with Chef Omar Walters, who whipped up a meal of mango BBQ chicken with honey plantains, Scotch bonnet garlic butter asparagus, and rice. The following month, they tapped Chef Brittney “Stikxz” Williams, who served tastemakers a lobster and shrimp coconut curry with jasmine rice and charred broccolini. And for the vegetarians, Chef Stikxz made roasted cauliflower steak doused with coconut curry. The meals clearly don’t disappoint and their authentic flavor perfectly complemented the Appleton Estate cocktails.

Chef Stikxz is a badass Jamaican-American Renaissance woman, changing the world one culinary experience at a time. Born and raised in Queens, NY, she has had an insatiable appetite for the savory flavors of Caribbean cuisine since birth. Since making the decision to place her career in her own hands, the New York chef works to stay true to her roots as she mixes Caribbean elements into all her cooking. 

According to Stikxz, food isn’t just about putting something in your stomach while you’re on the go. Rather, it’s about creating a melting pot of dishes to be “shared with everyone” and to bring people together. And what better way to achieve that than a plate of mouth-watering food and a glass of Appleton Estate rum?

Continue reading for a brief interview with the latest #AppletonAppreciation chef as Stikxz explains how she fell in love with food, her go-to dishes, and why including her culture in her cooking is so important. Then, follow our tasty daiquiri recipe so you can treat yourself to an Appleton Estate cocktail of your own. Cheers!  

Appleton Estate Rum Product Shot
Photography by Karston Tannis

FWF: How did cooking become your passion?

Chef Stikxz: I was first introduced to cooking through my folks—both of my parents are from Jamaica. They were farmers, so they always had a close connection to agriculture and farm-to-table eating. Growing up, my mom hosted many parties, and our house was always the house to go to for good food.

When I went to the University of Hartford for college, I didn't know what I wanted to do, so I studied liberal arts. Outside of class, I started cooking for my friends… because college can be rough with dining hall food. I couldn't have my friends just eating a cup of ramen noodles. I also hosted dinner parties like my mother, out of gratitude for the amazing friendships I had formed.

FWF: When did you decide cooking was going to be your career?

CS: At one of my parties, my friend pulled me to the side and told me that I should consider going to school for this. I ended up back in New York, enrolling in culinary arts. As soon as I put that apron on, it was a done deal. 

FWF: What does your cooking say about you?

CS: My cooking says that I'm bold, creative, and genuinely representative of my culture, which is one of nourishment.

FWF: What are your go-to dishes?

CS: My go-to dish would be my Roulade—that recipe is dear to my heart. People rave about that dish. I would also say my curry lobster is unmatched. Nobody comes close to mine.

FWF: If someone is looking to spice up dinner night at home, what dishes would you pair with a glass of Appleton Estate?

CS: For summertime, I would [cook] a jerk burger and fried dumplings with a Dark & Stormy cocktail, mixed with Appleton Estate’s 8 Year Old Reserve Rum. The [taste of] exotic fruit and hints of molasses ties in well with the flavor of the jerk burger, creating a symbiotic relationship.



2 Parts Appleton Estate® 8 Year Old Reserve Rum

1 Part Lime Juice

0.75 Parts Simple Syrup 

Lime Wedge Garnish


Combine ingredients in a shaker tin. Add ice and shake. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with a lime wedge. 

DISCLAIMER: We discourage irresponsible and/or underage drinking. Drink responsibly and legally.