It’s common knowledge that working out sucks. Sure, for $10 a month Planet Fitness will let you eat pizza and bagels on a massage chair, but more often than not, going to the gym involves a lot of running, sweating, and, you know, effort.

Luckily, as recreational marijuana use continues to spread across the count, the floodgates have officially opened up for cannabis-based products, and now weed infused water is here to make your workout a little more sufferable.

According to Uproxx, EVERx, a CBD-packed water product, is the latest creation on the scene from cannabis extraction company Puration. At the group’s Colorado extraction facility, Puration combines cannabidiol—or CBD, as it’s commonly known—with H2O, givin you everything that Gatorade can't.

While athletes are trudging along on the treadmill, or struggling bench press their max, Puration suggests its product maybe the key to a better workout routine. A press release from the company lays out Puration’s philosophy nicely.

CBD is an ideal component of a pre and post workout regime. CBD works as an anti-inflammatory and relieves muscle spasms. CBD also works to relieve pain. CBD protects the heart, lungs and brain. Often essential when it comes to high intensity and competitive training, CBD reduces nausea, increases appetite and aides sleep. Ongoing research continues in regard to CBD as a treatment for sports related head trauma. CBD is not just a good addition to an athletes training regime; It can be the foundation of a healthy wellness routine for everyone

Seems legit to us.

Still, while EVERx sounds like a fun way to take the pain out of getting swole, the product doesn't contain any THC, and won't get you high. The new beverage brands itself as the “Premium CBD Sports Beverage," however, and may still help athletes with their post-workout aches and pains.

While the NFL might not be ready to allow marijuana-infused water in the locker room, residents of Colorado will soon be able to test the products themselves. According to Puration's website, the company expects to sell $1 million worth of “enhanced” water bottles over the course of 2017, so brace yourself for weed-infused agua at gyms in the Centennial State.

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