For some strange reason, coffee cups seem to be breeding grounds for holiday controversies. Starbucks, for example, was famously accused of “waging war on Christmas” after offering red, non-denominational cups at its stores across the U.S.

This year, McDonald’s probably thought it was in the clear. Instead of incurring the wrath of the conservative right, the company’s McCafé coffee shops decided to be as politically correct as possible with its wintertime paper ware, adorning its cups with mittens and the slogan "Seasons Greetings." All in all, the decoration is about as inoffensive as you can get this time of year—that is, until Twitter got a hold of it.

With a few scribbles added to either side of the mittens, the graphic magically transforms into something, shall we say, peachy. OK, fine, it looks like an ass.

There's always next year, McCafé. Maybe just stick to the snowflakes.

[via Mashable]