The National Basketball Association and Hennessy have a long, storied history together. J.R. Smith’s rumored ability to chug a bottle of the magic juice and still show up for tip-off the next day is almost as legendary as Michael Jordan’s infamous flu game.

And while Matt Barnes and DeMarcus Cousins might not be on Swish’s level just yet, they put up a valiant effort this week when the Sacramento Kings’ had their game against the Philadelphia 76ers postposed due to “excess moisture” on the court.

Looking past the absurdity of the Wells Fargo Center—an indoor arena—canceling a basketball game because of some water, Barnes and Boogie made the best of the situation, busting out the Hennessy before heading to the airport to catch a flight. According to Barnes’ Instagram story, the team was also gifted with some Philly cheesesteaks for all the hassle, which really isn’t such a bad deal when you think about.

Though Barnes and Cousins got fancy with the Henny (that thing came out of an actual box), there’s no word on whether the cheesesteaks were from Pat’s or Geno’s.