A family in Lafayette, Colorado is planning to open what appears to be a first-of-its-kind brewery, selling craft beer and barbecue all from a former Burger King drive-thru window.

According to Denver's Westword, the people behind Uturn BBQ (get it?) will offer a mostly fast-casual concept with both indoor and outdoor seating. But the business is also banking on the drive-thru window being its main attraction, hoping commuters will be looking to load up on ribs and beer on their way home from work.

“The biggest things for us is the convenience factor. Everyone is busy all the time," Weston Trapp, whose restaurant-design company came up with the concept, tells the paper. “What’s really cool about barbecue is that it travels really well. It can go wherever you want to go. So a drive-thru was key for this. We wanted to offer the whole package with one stop.” 

When Uturn initially brought the idea to local officials, the restaurant had to assure lawmakers that it wasn't planning to serve people alcohol so they could drink and drive. Instead, the brewery will be selling its beer in six-packs only—not too dissimilar from a drive-thru liquor store.

The original plan had been to simply open a restaurant that sold light, domestic beers along the lines of PBR and Budweiser. But because of Colorado's liquor laws, which don't allow restaurants to sell beer unless they make it themselves, Trapp decided to go all in with a brewery and canning operation.

The family enlisted the help of Alex Violette, the former head brewer of Boulder's Upslope Brewing Company, and will offer two different beer styles once the location opens in January: an American stout and a German-style kolsch.

“We just want to keep it simple," Trapp explained. "Cold beer and really great barbecue."

Can't argue with that. 

[via Westword]