We all grieve in different ways. For some families, a classic burial is the first step towards healing. For others, it’s cremation, placing a loved one’s ashes in an urn on a mantle, or scattering them over the ocean. And then—at least according to a company called Chronicle Cremation Designs—some people prefer to turn their deceased relatives and friends into bowls, bottles, and coffee mugs.

Titled “Nourish,” Chronicle Cremation's dinnerware series is the brainchild of Justin Crowe, who had the idea to launch the business after losing his grandfather.

“Home is a place that is routine, average and familiar, and experiencing such a huge emotional event in that environment helped normalize his passing for me," Crowe told the Mashable via email. "Based on this experience, I began to search for a way to give others the ability to remember passed loved ones in daily life."

Coffee Mug Ashes 2
Image via Chronicle Cremation Designs

Essentially, customers are asked to mail the company a collection kit—roughly one cup of ashes (and somewhere between $200 and $850…)—and in a few days a turquoise piece of pottery is delivered to their doorsteps. The ashes are molded in a kiln at 2,400 degrees fahrenheit along with a glaze of minerals like felspar and silica, giving the pieces their glossy finish.

While sipping on a mug made out of your best friend’s ashes might seem a bit, uh, morbid, the idea to help people keep their memories alive as they continue to mourn the loss of loved ones. Oh, and the pieces are also microwave-friendly.

"Everyone copes with death differently and we are watching our culture's narrow death care conventions become outdated,” Crowe explains, adding that the death care industry is about to go through what happened to the music business in the early-Aughts. “The people who buy our memorial products are looking for a way to keep their memories close to them.”

Ashes Bowl
Image via Chronicle Cremation Designs

[via Mashable]