Inspired by Young M.A.’s summer anthem “OOOUUU,” a Florida-based boutique called Lilac Company has been producing custom Hennessy bottles with the word “Headphanie” written across the product’s labels. The company reportedly debuted the bottles at its “Something Light” exhibit on Friday, with the phrase “You sippin Hennessy, we sippin Headphanie,” written on the wall.

Besides being a not-so-subtle reference to cunilingus, the the new liquor is essentially plain old Hennessey with a purple label slapped on the bottle. Photos of the new packaging began swirling around social media this week, and it wasn’t long before Twitter started laying into Lilac Company for attempting to capitalize off Young M.A.’s success, while “gentrifying” a product that has long held a place of prominence within the hip-hop community.

According to XXL, a spokesperson for Young M.A says the product is not authorized by the rapper, Hennessy, or Moët & Chandon, the French winery and luxury goods company that merged with the cognac brand in the 1970s. Instead, the rep urged fans to find official Young M.A products at her website,

Though the post has since been deleted, Lilac responded to some of the accusations this morning on Twitter, claiming the company has been dealing with rapper’s manager.

“Stop saying we're tryna capitalize off @YoungMAMusic—this was an art idea, and that's all it is,” the company wrote. “We're in talks with her manager”

Lilac also claimed they aren’t profiting off the bottles, and that a local liquor store is actually responsible for selling the products.

No matter what happens, hopefully Young M.A. will get a little extra cash out of the ordeal. 

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