Election volunteers in Atlanta, Georgia might have taken their jobs a little too seriously on Tuesday after they stopped a woman from voting because of her t-shirt. Though tensions were running high this week between registered Democrats, Republicans, and third party voters, the woman’s shirt simply professed her allegiance to the “Wine Party,” the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports.

That’s right. Joanna Chesley, a cafeteria worker with the local school system, went to the Forsyth County Administration Building at 7:30 a.m. on Election Day to cast her vote for president, but unfortunately couldn't make it past check-in. A polling volunteer noticed the woman’s ironic tee, and ushered her towards the building's bathroom. From there, Chesley was instructed to either turn her shirt inside out, or forfeit her right vote.

The volunteer reportedly said that Chesley's shirt violated state law—a regulation that bars voters from supporting a candidate or political party within 150 feet of a polling station. What the volunteer apparently failed to realize is that the “Wine Party” isn’t a real thing; this woman just really loves to get her drink on.

“I go to cast my vote for presidency of this country,” Chesley told the Atlanta Journal Constitution, “and my First Amendment rights are violated at the polls.”

Still, Chesley wasn't the only one who felt the volunteer was being a little too literal with the rules. The Journal Constitution also caught up with another pollster, who thinks the t-shirt stayed well within the law.

“If the context has anything to do with any slogans, they’re asked to turn their shirt inside out,” one Georgia register told the paper. “But that shouldn’t have happened.”

After last night, joining the Wine Party doesn't sound like such a bad idea. Who's their candidate for 2020?

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