It's the collabo you've been waiting for since you sipped your first beer in that oversized Stussy tee: Budweiser and PacSun are once again joining forces to presumably bring beer-emblazoned clothing to underage kids everywhere.

Over the summer, the surf-and-skate-inspired lifestyle brand teamed up with the King of Beers to launch a new Budweiser clothing collection. Produced by Been Trill—the streetwear brand launched by Virgil Abloh, Heron Preston, and Matthew Williams—the original line essentially turned tallboys of Bud into baggy, red-and-white t-shirts and button-downs.

Now, the American beer icon and suburban mall staple are back with their winter line, featuring a selection of long-sleeved tees, beanies, and hoodies—all of which will most certainly earn a 13-year-old a trip to the principal’s office. Though adults can presumably shop at PacSun, too, the brand has always appealed to a younger demographic, and as far as we know no one needs a fake ID to buy a booze-themed trucker hat. 

PacSun has been dabbling in vintage Americana for the past few years, marking a departure from its SoCal-centric roots. The retailer now sells distressed Ramones and Metallica t-shirts alongside its board shorts and sunglasses, proving that even the most laid back surfer has a back-of-the-classroom burnout in them just aching to get out.

Keeping with that theme, the Budweiser line includes a faded denim jacket (with a tiger!), a foam-and-mesh trucker hat, and this thing. The line also gives a nod to Budweiser's unabashed patriotism. Select items feature excerpts from the “Pledge of Allegiance,” which have also been known to appear on some Budweiser bottles and cans.

Still, it remains unclear whether PacSun's new Budweiser line—or any future collaborations, for that matter—will include items simply labeled "America."

[via GQ]