It’s common knowledge that Kim Jong-un, the pudgy dictator of North Korea, is a closet cheese addict. In 2014, reports surfaced that the North’s supreme leader had become “seriously ill” from eating too much fromage, stuffing hunks of Emmental in his face in an attempt to look more like his portly father, Kim Jong-Il.

As any true gourmand knows, cheese is basically trash without a nice bottle of wine to go with it, and now one of Kim Jong-un’s former chefs is shining a light on just how much vino the despot was throwing back in one sitting.

According to the Independent, Kenji Fujimoto, a former Sushi chef of Kim’s, recently told South Korea’s KBS that the leader used to brag about drinking 10 bottles of Bordeaux in a single night. Basically, Kim showed up to dinner with “six attractive women” on his arms, and started boasting about how he’d swilled nearly two gallons of wine just a couple days earlier.

But before we start putting Kim in the same club as Andre the Giant (six bottles of rosé before getting in the ring) or Wade Boggs (107 beers in a day), let’s remember that no one was actually around to witness the leader put back all that wine. Fujimoto is recalling Kim’s sad attempt to impress a handful of women with a few drinking stories—like some insecure frat boy—and over the years, North Korea’s royal family has been known to tell some tall tales.

Before Kim Jong-Il’s death in 2011, the former supreme leader claimed he learned to walk at three-weeks-old, wrote 1,500 books in college, and could change the weather with his mind. Compared to all that, drinking a few bottles of wine isn’t really all that impressive.

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