Cancel your plans for this weekend immediately. Saturday afternoon, a group of bleach blond, goatee-rocking Guy Fieri impersonators will be bar-hopping around New York City, turning Midtown Manhattan into Flavortown, U.S.A.

The bar crawl—aptly named FieriCon—is the brainchild of David Gold, a Fieri aficionado who who had the ingenious idea of getting drunk in Times Square with dozens of other Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives super-fans. Beginning at the Hog Pit (of course) on West 26th Street, the bar crawl will stop at 6 watering holes before ending with a celebratory round at the infamous Guy's American Kitchen & Bar on West 44th st.

Like all good ideas, the inspiration behind FieriCon is simple.

"I was watching the Food Network with my friend on a Sunday a few months ago. We were talking about how funny it would be to dress like Guy Fieri and go to his restaurant. That idea morphed into a bar crawl and I was able to get some friends and family on board," Gold told First We Feast via email. "I think I'm attracted to Guy because he actually seems like a genuine person..... Sure, he tells their stories with exaggerated movements and catchphrases, but he does it to get a point across. He's not afraid to put himself out there and I think that resonates with a lot of people.​"

According to the official FieriCon website, Gold is expecting roughly 60 people to show up for the party, but he's received thousands of pageviews since launching the Triple D-inspired movement earlier this week. Like all things involving Fieri, the barcrawl began as a kind of inside joke, but has since become incredibly serious. The six bars on crawl are aware Gold and his cohorts will be stopping by on Saturday, but aren’t exactly aware that the gang will be donning blond wigs and flame-licked Hawaiian shirts.

Though a possible Donkey Sauce OD could derail the whole endeavor, Gold seems confident that FieriCon will be a massive win for the Flavortown community.

"The first annual FieriCon will surely be a success,” the bar crawl’s website reads, predicting exponential growth over the next several years. “By year 3, Guy Fieri is going be a part of FieriCon. He will be waiting for us at Guy's American Kitchen and Bar and he'll be giving out fist pumps to the first thousand people who walk through those doors, and that may be the best day of my life. "

In Flavortown, anything can happen.

[via Gothamist]