When a Fort Wayne University freshman named Brian decided to attend his school’s basketball game Tuesday night, he came prepared. He didn't bring a clever sign, or paint his face blue-and-white, or start dabbing on the jumbotron. No, when the Mastodons pulled off an incredible upset against the Indiana Hoosiers, Brian pulled out a bottle of bleach and started chugging.

In a Vine posted just after the 71-68 overtime shocker, Brian—along with his Fort Wayne classmates—could be seen storming the court, celebrating with the players and hugging each other. Though the scene was fairly typical of a big college sports rivalry, thing took an unexpected turn when the camera panned to Brian, capturing the bespectacled 18-year old unscrewing what appears to be a bottle of Clorox bleach and taking a big old swig out of it.

Having instantly cemented himself as a campus hero, Brian decided it was time for a name change.

The freshman then changed his Twitter bio to "I peaked after the IU game," and started truly embracing his 15 minutes of fame, letting reporters know what was really in that poisonous bottle.

Though Brian looks like a trustworthy kid—and we want to believe him—college students are known to occasionally disguise alcoholic beverages in household contained. But we digress.

Either way, here's a photo of Brian from his high school graduation, proving that he is, in fact, a living legend. Enjoy your time as a star, Bleach Boy.

[via Bleacher Report]