Say what you will about shotgunning beers—that it's best left for frat parties, or a mid-life crisis—but when two men vow to chug one can of Busch Light together everyday for the rest of their lives, shotgunning stops being a simple party trick, and becomes a testament to the unbreakable bonds of friendship.

In a story that reads like a straight-to-video sequel of The Notebook, two twenty-something's named Dimitri and Joe made that very pledge to one another almost three years ago. While in college, they promised that no matter where they were in the world, they would suck some cheap beer out of the side of a can until they dropped dead.

Now, having kept true to their promise all this time, the friends are quickly approaching their 1,000th beer, celebrating the momentous occasion with a blowout on December 3.

"Unless we die at the Day 1000 Shotgunpalooza, the streak will go on,” Dimitri told BroBible.

Of course, this hero’s journey hasn't been without trials and tribulations. Unfortunately, Dimitri and Joe live in Chicago and Detroit, respectively, and have had to get creative when it comes to their daily ritual, calling each other on Facetime when an in-person shotgun session isn't feasible.

Still, the love that exists between Dimitri and Joe knows no bounds, and the friends have chugged their way through a number of obstacles over the years. When Dimitri traveled to Greece for two weeks, they still shotgunned beers. When Joe had to work in Hawaii for two weeks, they still shotgunned beers. When Joe had to stay overnight in the emergency room, by God, he snuck a beer into the ER and shotgunned that bastard. Shotgunning on an airplane? No problem. At work? Forget about it.

Clearly, this is a story of devotion for the ages. But just because Dimitri and Joe are nearing day 1,000 doesn't mean they're ready to call it quits. Instead, the friends have loftier goals in mind.

“It’s become such a routine thing for us day in and day out, that it would be weird if we DIDN’T shotgun," Dimitri said. "We have too many aspirations for Day 10,000 in 26-or-so years down the road that we simply can’t stop anytime soon.”​

[via BroBible]