Anthony Bourdain knows a thing or two about drinking. Over the years, we’ve watched the the Parts Unknown host put back an ungodly amount of booze on the road. And every so often, the chef will bless his acolytes with some words of wisdom on beating a hangover, imploring his fans to eat Kung Pao Chicken and Baja-style beer juice to beat the pain.

Now, as the entire city of Chicago continues to nurse a champagne hangover of Biblical proportions, Tony is here to hold back your proverbial hair. After a 108-year World Series drought, a night of debauchery in the Windy City was certainly called for, but Bourdain has the perfect recipe to get Cubs fans back on their feet for a second night of partying.

Caught on the street by TMZ Thursday, Bourdain took a few seconds to lay out the game plan.

"Aspirin, cold Coca-Cola, smoke a joint, eat some spicy Sichuan food,” he said. “Works every time.”

Well, there you have it.

And just to set the record straight once and for all, TMZ was able to squeeze in one more question before the professional glutton went on his way: which city has better food, Chicago or Cleveland?

“Oh, man. Cleveland is getting good, but Chicago is a big, big city,” the chef answered.

Way to add insult to injury, Tony.

[via TMZ]