No matter what political party you subscribe to, Election Day was an incredibly stressful moment for the country at large. And in an effort to cope with the madness of Tuesday night, most Americans decided to imbibe copious amounts of alcohol to numb the pain. Drizly, a delivery service that links customers with local bottle shops, is now saying that Election Day led to a massive, 86 percent jump in its sales.

According to Forbes, Tuesday was the busiest, non-weekend sales day in the Drizly's history. And while the company was expecting Americans to kick back with an extra six-pack while binging on Wolf Blitzer, as it turns out, watching those swing states turn red, then blue, then back to red again required some of the harder stuff.

“We were prepping for a big night across the U.S., given the buzz on social, but the spike in wine and spirits sales was surprising,” Trisha Antonsen, the chief cocktail officer at Drizly, told Forbes. “Beer is typically the top category for us… it looks like people needed something a little stronger on Tuesday night.”

Though wine and beer were still the biggest sellers of the evening overall—accounting for 48 percent and 22 percent of of the nights deliveries, respectively—as the night dragged on, and the results seemed eminent, the booze got stronger and stronger.

“As the night went on, Drizly customers turned to liquor to deal with the suspense,” Antonsen explained. “[T]opping the list were all-American spirits such as Tito’s Vodka from Texas and Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey.”

New York was the city with the most Drizly orders on Tuesday, followed by Boston, Denver, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles. Unsurprisingly, all those cities are located in states that voted for Hillary Clinton.

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