What's the key to a long, happy life? Over the years, centenarians have claimed the secret to youth is eating mountains of bacon and eggs, throwing back a few Miller High Lifes, and avoiding men at all costs. But if you're Mario "Pops" Rotelli—a Coweta, Georgia resident who just celebrated his 107th birthday—it all comes down putting an extra pick-me-up in your coffee every morning: a big old shot of bourbon.

According to the Newnan-Times Herald, who spoke with Pops at his extra-lit birthday party earlier this month, Rotelli doesn't care what brand of whiskey he drinks, just as long as it makes its way into his mug when the sun comes up. More recently, his son-in-law has started buying him Jim Beam Black, but Pops says he's been drinking Irish coffee for the past century—which would mean he started sipping the hard stuff at age 7.

“I’ve had a shot of whiskey in my coffee every morning for 100 years,” Pops told the Newnan-Times Herald. “I went to the doctor three times in 100 years. He’s dead. I’m still living.”

Rotelli, a Pennsylvania native and former produce distributor, has never had a major health issue. In recent years, he’s moved into an assisted living community, and sees a doctor regularly, but doesn’t seem to have given up his morning ritual.

While downing a cup of bourbon before lunch isn’t everyone’s idea of a healthy routine, Pops’ philosophy on life extends far past the bottle. “Make every day a holiday,” he told his friends at his party. “And never worry.”

Amen, Pops. Amen.