Millennial women have finally closed the drinking gap. Though men are often more closely associated with binge drinking, a new study from the University of New South Wales claims that women have almost caught up to their male counterparts when it comes to alcohol consumption.

Collecting data from 4 million men and women across 36 countries, the study found that males born between 1891 and 1910 were twice as likely as women to drink alcohol. But when it came to men and women born between 1991 and 2000, well, it turns out they have almost the exact same likelihood to knock back some booze.

While closing the gender gap is never a bad thing, this kind of equality might not be the victory women are looking. Tim Slade, an associate professor at USNW’s National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, explained in a statement that women seek treatment for physical and mental ailments at higher rates than men, except when it comes to alcohol-related issues.

In general, the increase in drinking among women signals some serious problems.

“Since the 1950s, we’ve seen women’s drinking continue to rise,” Emily Robinson, the director of campaigns at the UK organization Alcohol Concern, told Munchies. “Drinking at home has continued to increase because alcohol is so cheap and easily available, it’s become an everyday grocery item. We’ve also seen a concerted effort from the alcohol industry to market products and brands specifically to women.”

Though alcoholism has been a factor on the darker side of the spectrum, professional women have also contributed to the rise of drinking culture. As women continue to achieve more success in the workplace, drinking among friends and colleagues follows suit.

"When women improve their education, employment, and status, they are likely also to have more opportunities to drink,” Sharon and Richard Wilsnack, experts on gender and alcohol at the University of North Dakota, told the Atlantic.

While the study may not signal the end of gender inequality, at the very least it might make sharing a pint after work a bit easier.

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