Aside from earning a reputation as a decent yet afford beer, Yuengling is the single oldest brewery in the U.S., and a source of pride for many Pennsylvanians. That is, until now.

On Monday, alleged lemonade thief Eric Trump made a campaign stop in Pottsville—home of the historic Yuengling brewery—and met with Richard “Dick” Yuengling Jr., the fifth generation owner of the company. During the tour, Dick seemed to endorse Eric’s father (and human garbage can), Donald Trump, for president.

“My father’s going to make it a lot easier for business to function,” Eric Trump said. “We’re going to do it right here in the U.S.”

According to the Reading Eagle, Yuengling then responded, “Our guys are behind your father. We need him in there.” Yuengling did not immediately return First We Feast’s request for comment.

While Pennsylvania is a swing state, there was still a lot of backlash on Twitter after the company made its feelings toward the Republican nominee loud and clear. In the wake of the story, a number of Yuengling fans even threatened to boycott the brand over its political views.

Whether or not Yuengling’s sales will suffer remains to be seen, but liberal Philly beer drinkers may soon turn to more progressive brands if the boycott continues.

[via Uproxx]