Coffee and beer are two of the most objectively wonderful creations ever produced by man. And while few would consider Starbucks a true thought leader when it comes to craft beer innovation (the company’s latest, shark-jumping product is pumpkin spice whip cream…), the coffee shop chain may finally be onto something groundbreaking.

Basically, Starbucks has taken a shot of espresso and dumped it into a pint of hoppy pale ale. Aptly titled the The Espresso Cloud™ IPA, the drink also features a frothy, coffee-and-orange-flavored head, created by tossing a shot of espresso around in a cocktail shaker.

From there, Justin Burns-Beach—a member of Starbucks’ research and development team, and the creator of the Espresso Cloud IPA—explains the evolution of his earth-shattering coffee-beer mash-up.

“I didn’t want to waste the espresso, that’s when I decided to just pour it into the shot glass and then have them both side-by-side,” Burns-Beach says. “Then I was like, ‘Oh what happens if you just pour it in a little bit?’ Seeing the effect of that was just mind blowing.”

While it’s easy to poke fun at Burns-Beach’s enthusiasm over, you know, mixing coffee into a can of beer, we can’t deny that the Espresso Cloud IPA sounds like an ingenious hangover cure.

[via Grub Street]