For months now, America has been forced to choose sides in one of the most divisive cage matches of all time. No, we’re not talking about the Donald Trump-Hillary Clinton showdown (that choice should be easy, right?). Instead, the country has been torn between a respect for the West Coast gangster rap of Snoop Dogg, and a deep love of all cheap, Milwaukee-brewed beer.

Luckily, Pabst Brewing Company and Snoop Dogg reached an agreement on Friday after battling for nearly a year over an endorsement deal gone awry. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the rapper and the beer company were supposed to meet in court on Halloween, but the two parties have settled the dispute three weeks before the trial date.

Back in 2011, Snoop signed an endorsement deal with Pabst to be a brand ambassador for Blast by Colt 45, a new variation of the malt liquor the company was introducing at the time. When Pabst was sold to Blue Ribbon, Snoop was supposed to get a cut of the sale—as stated in his contract—but did not receive his share. PBR played it off as a change in stock ownership and not an actual sale of the company, leading Snoop to take them to court.

Snoop’s lawyer, Alex Weingarten, says the rapper was entitled to 10 percent of the selling price if the sale happened before 2016. Pabst was purchased by Blue Ribbon for $700 million in 2014.

“We are pleased that the parties were able to reach an agreement and resolve this matter amicably,” Weingarten told THR, though Pabst’s attorney, Richard Kendall, has yet to make a comment on the settlement and the exact details are not public.

Though the jurors are no doubt bummed that they can’t catch an up-close glimpse of the Long Beach legend in court, at least they can drink a beer and listen to Snoop Dogg again without feeling any guilt.

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