In recent years, NFL players have been getting a bad reputation when it comes to tipping. Back in 2013, Drew Brees was caught leaving a $3 tip on a takeout order. In 2014, Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy left a 20-cent tip at a local burger joint. And just last month, Pittsburgh Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams got into heated Twitter debate after leaving his waitress just 75 cents on his bill.

Well, luckily we now have rookie quarterback Carson Wentz to show all these vets how to tip like a real champ.

According to CSNPhilly, the Eagles player recently went back to his home state of North Dakota and stopped by one of his old college haunts—the Herd and Horns Bar and Grill in Fargo. Wentz and his entourage reportedly racked up a $1,000 bill, and when it came time to pay the quarterback not only treated the whole squad, but left a whopping $500 tip for the staff.

"As I was waiting on him, I had to look up. He is so tall,” a waitress at the bar told CSN. "He was very humble, especially as a guest. He didn’t treat anyone like they were below him or anything.”

Wentz and his crew were apparently partying at the bar while watching the North Dakota State Bison trounce Illinois State 31-10. And if you’re still unconvinced that Wentz is as humble as he sounds—and worthy of that glowing endorsement from Vice President Joe Biden—the quarterback didn’t leave the Herd and Horns in an Escalade, but rode off into the sunset in his cousin’s 1996 Chevy pickup truck.

“No frills,” CSN wrote simply.

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