We’re not sure if it’s the fact that he owns dozens of restaurants and bars, or just the way his strawberry blond ponytail contrasts with his fleece vest, but something about Mario Batali screams “wine snob.” Still, the celebrity chef swears he’s a populist when it comes to vino, making sure everyone at his dinner table “feels comfortable tasting the wine.”

Well, hoping to Batali’s money where his mouth is, Jimmy Fallon had the Croc-clad cook on the Tonight Show on Monday, challenging Molto Mario to distinguish between a store-bought boxed wine and a pricey vintage. As any self-respecting chef would, Mario accepted the challenge gleefully.

Still, there are games beyond the game, and it seems that Batali and announcer Steve Higgins had a separate plan going the whole time. While Fallon was still blindfolded, Higgins handed Batali a giant mug of red wine, watching as the chef proceeded to throw the whole cup in Fallon's face with pin-point accuracy.

While Fallon’s pallet may still need a little work, once the wine hit the host’s face—ruining his expensive suit in the process—the comedian knew immediately that he had been soaked in pricy stuff.

Jimmy laughed the prank off, but we're pretty sure there were some wine snobs out there who were shaking their heads at the waste. A spilled bottle of fine wine may feel like a tragedy to some folks, but seeing Jimmy Fallon dripping in a bunch of fancy grape juice is priceless.

[via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube]