Ever since the 1990s, Sprite has been using professional athletes and rappers to urge fans to "obey their thirst" in commercials, showing NBA stars like Grant Hill chugging the lemon-sime soda in the Pistons locker room. Now, in a clever new anti-advertising campaign, Lebron James can be seen telling customers that he won't push the beverage on them, even as Lil Yachty plays a tune about Sprite on the piano and glowing bottles of the drink hover around him. 

"Even if this was a metaphor for Sprite, and I was talking about Sprite, and Lil Yachty here was paid by Sprite to write lyrics about Sprite, I still wouldn't tell you to drink Sprite." James says in the commercial. "And even if all these cool influencer people were holding one, I still wouldn't tell you to drink a cool, crisp, refreshing, lemon-line Sprite. I'd ask you. Do you want a Sprite?"

All of this reverse psychology seems to be working. We kind of want a Sprite now...

[via XXL]