Packaged in brightly colored glass bottles, and available in almost every Mexican restaurant and grocery store from California to New York City, Jarritos has become a staple on soda shelves both in the U.S. and Mexico. Now, with a powerful new TV ad titled "The Journey," the soft drink company is positioning itself as a voice in American politics, and a strong supporter of immigration reform. 

According to Remezcla, the new commercial is directed by Diego Luna—the Mexican-born actor best known for films like Y Tu Mamá También, as well The Terminal and Milk—and takes viewers on a trip to America through the eyes of an immigrant.

At first, the two-minute video focuses on the experiences of Mexican immigrants crossing the border into the US, but the commercial also uses archival footage to tell the stories of European immigrants landing on American shores for the first time.

As the powerfully shot scenes unfold, a narrator speaks of dedication, love, and perseverance in the immigrant experience, putting a positive and heartfelt, spin on one of the most divisive topics this election cycle. 

"This journey may separate us, but together we'll always be," the narrator says. "This journey is not new, nor is it my alone. It's a journey of millions, who, just like me, are hoping for more. So let's strive together for what it can be, because I believe in this great country, and that it's ready for me." 

[via Remezcla]