Typically, the prospect of powdered, freeze-dried alcohol hasn’t gone over so well. Earlier this year, 31 states preemptively banned powdered liquor, fearing instant cocktails, coming in Cosmopolitan and Lemon Drop flavors, would sparks a new wave of reckless, underage drinking. Well, it’s 2016—you can now by those self-lacing Back to the Future sneakers, and Leonardo DiCaprio is going to Mars—and people want their goddamn powdered beverages.

If you’re someone who craves craft brew—but also found yourself hoarding canned foods and Tang during Y2k—Denmark’s To Øl brewery has your back, creating “instant” craft beer by freeze-drying their tasty, artisanal brews. Like other instant beverages, the beer powder is simply mixed with sparkling water and distilled alcohol to create a drink that (hopefully) replicate the taste and texture of real craft beer. According to Forbes, the Copenhagen-based brewery was ranked the 9th best in the world in 2014, and teamed up with GEA Group—a German technology supplier for the food processing industry—to create the new product.

Essentially, To Øl’s founders, Tobias Emil Jensen and Tore Gynther, have found a way freeze-dry their award-winning beer while retaining the majority of the flavor. Water and alcohol is removed from the suds by converting the H20 from “solid ice to vaporous gas in a low-temperature vacuum,” according to Forbes.

Currently, the brewery has developed four different powder beers: a “heavy deep” beer brewed with coffee, a dry pilsner, and two IPA versions—one hoppy and the other more fruity. Jensen and Gynther initially wanted variety for scientific reasons, but also realized it would allow consumers to create some seriously potent refreshments.

“We first of all wanted to understand how different leftovers in different types of beer comes out during freeze drying,” the brewers told Aorta Food, “but we also realized that if we produced four different dry matters and the corresponding alcohol, then people would be able to mix together various types of dry matter and alcohol to create their desired type of beer, both in low abv or imperial versions of course.”

Though Jensen and Gynther have successfully created this new product in their lab, the instant beer isn’t market-ready just yet. Still, if Leo does ever make that trip to Mars, we’re pretty sure we know what he’ll be sipping on.