Wine is one of the rare drinks that successfully straddles the line between classy and sloppy. One can spends hundreds of dollars delicately sipping glasses of chablis at dinner, or spend $11.99 chugging a box of Franzia until their teeth turn red. Now, thanks to a new product called the Guzzle Buddy, you can successfully down an entire bottle of wine while continuing to look classy AF.

Boasting the catch phrase “plug it and chug it,” the Guzzle Buddy is exactly what it sounds like. Basically, this ingenious invention is a screw-in wine stopper, with ribbed, rubber edges allowing its stem to slide snugly into any bottle of vino. The difference, of course, is that the stopper is hollow—liquid flows effortlessly through the stem, into the glass, and finally gushes into your open, wine-loving mouth hole.

While the laws of physics suggest this contraption would cause fermented grape juice to shoot directly into one’s face, apparently the Guzzle Buddy is a true pal, allowing wine to flow smoothly into the bottom of the glass without any spilling.

With a price tag of only $14.49, it's no wonder that the Guzzle Buddy—which is perfect for weddings, bachelorette parties, and crying alone in your apartment in your pajamas—is currently sold out on Amazon. According to the company’s website, however, supplies will be restocked beginning in November, just in time to drown your sorrows after the election.

Just remember to plug it and chug it, because pouring is boring.

Guzzle Buddy
Image via Amazon

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