Texas thieves tried to pull off the most interesting caper in the world when they got caught with a total of $100,000 in cash, 20 firearms, one “large marijuana plant,” and 719 12-packs of stolen Dos Equis beer. The contraband was stockpiled at a farm in Dale, and cops have traced the missing Dos Equis to an Austin beer distributor that was robbed back in September.

According to Fox News, the raid—which took place some 30 miles outside of the state’s capital—took the cooperation of several law enforcement agencies and ultimately brought in two suspects, not to mention a whole lot of beer.

The two suspects were allegedly selling the stolen beer online, where apparently there is a large black market for 12-packs of mediocre Mexican brew. Though authorities believe the recovered beer was almost all of what was stolen from the distributor last month, this bust is just the tip of the iceberg. Police believe there is an entire criminal ring dedicated to stealing and reselling beer.

“There is a broader ring that’s still under investigation and you will see more charges coming out of this,” Maurice Forshee, a sergeant with the Austin Police, said in a statement. “The simplest explanation would be that it is fencing it, which is stealing it and then turning around and selling it.”

Whether Forshee’s investigation yields more arrests remains to be seen, but between the marijuana plant and stockade of weapons, these two beer-loving criminals could be facing some serious time.

Stay thirsty, my friends. Something tells us they don’t serve Dos Equis in the big house.

[via Fox News]