Though over the years Drake’s crew has taken to calling him “The Boy," on October 24, 2016, the rapper finally becomes a man. Monday marks Aubrey Drake Graham’s 30th birthday, as well as the true end to his days as a rookie in the rap game—a milestone the Toronto-bred MC marked by premiering four new tracks on OVO Sound Radio Sunday night.

Over the course of Drake’s glorious 10,950 days on this planet, we’ve seen the artist evolve from a wheelchair-whipping child actor on Degrassi, into a one-man hit factory, shattering streaming records with his latest album, Views. And as Drake’s sound has matured over time, so too has his taste, with Drizzy trading bars about “double pump lattes” and “low fat muffins” for references to the French Laundry in Napa Valley, as well as an undying love for seared scallops.

Still, as the Boy prepares to take on the big three-oh—reportedly celebrating by jet-setting around the globe with Taylor Swift and Katy Perry—we’re forced to wonder whether Drake’s partying days will soon be behind him. Will this next decade see Drake forgo the strip clubs and Cristal in favor of a can of LaCroix and a quiet night home with the DVR? Only time will tell if Drizzy’s thirties will finally push the rapper over the hill.

"It's about bringing the journey that we've all shared together. Every part of it has lead to this,” the rapper said at his birthday party Sunday night, dressed in all-black as if mourning his youth. “I look at this number and there's a different digit in front. But, if you ask me how I feel, I feel great.”

In honor of Drake’s 30th birthday, we now look back at the rapper’s most iconic moments as a hard-partying twenty-something. From ripping shots out of his Grammy to cooking with the Gawd Guy Fieri, we present to you the Aubrey Drake Graham guide to celebrating.