Since 2006, Dos Equis beer has been synonymous with “The Most Interesting Man in the World”—a clever ad campaign featuring a man with a deep voice and a bushy beard who once “parallel parked a train" and can speak French “in Russian.” But since Jonathan Goldsmith—the actor who played the OG MIMITW—decided to call it quits in March, we've all been wondering how his replacement would match.

Well, the results are in, and this dude looks interesting AF.

Back in September, the Mexican beer purveyor announced that trilingual French actor Augustin Legrand would be inheriting the Dos Equis throne. And on Tuesday, the company finally unveiled Legrand’s first full airboat-racing, sand dune-cruising, Samurai sword sparring commercial.

Of course, there are also some classic Chuck Norris-esque taglines attached to the new pitchman:

  • “He once cheated death, and death was perfectly OK with it.”
  • “He can tie his arm behind his back, with one arm tied behind his back.”
  • “If life were to give him lemons, he’d make a spinach fettuccine with a shiitake mushroom glaze.”
  • “He played college football in high school.”

The voice over is familiar, and the Legrand adds a rugged French accent to the TV spots while staying true to Goldsmith’s character.  

“The new Most Interesting Man is a man of action. He's never one to reminisce on times past, which stylistically changes everything," Toygar Bazarkaya, the chief creative officer of the Americas for the advertising agency behind the commercial, said in a statement to First We Feast. "With a faster pace and more energy, we're reinvigorating and modernizing one of the greatest campaigns."​

Now that the new MIMITW is here, a fresh wave of meme making can finally begin.

[via Dos Equis]