For a family with such a yuge amount of wealth, the Trump's sure do love fast-food. Since launching his presidential campaign earlier this year, the Donald has been seen eating a terrifying amount of KFC and McDonald's on his private jet.

And while Trump’s son, Eric, seems to share his father’s love of greasy burgers and fries, the family’s fast-food addiction could mark yet another scandal for the already beleaguered campaign. That’s right, Eric Trump—third in line to the Trump Steaks fortune—may very well be a lemonade thief.

After the presidential debate on Wednesday, Eric and his wife Lara stopped by a local In-N-Out Burger in Las Vegas, Nevada for some Double-Doubles and Animal Style fries. But apparently, even at a fast-food joint, Eric is too cheap to pay for his drinks. An incriminating photo shows Eric holding a plastic cup—typically given out for free with the understanding that it is to be exclusively filled with water—obviously brimming with a yellowish liquid.

According to Eater, Eric Trump boast an estimated net worth of $150 million, so we're guessing he could have sprung for some lemonade if he really wanted it. In-n-Out’s smallest fountain beverage costs just $1.45, but who knows how many times Eric went back for refills.

Earlier this month, an 18-year-old in Arkansas faced felony charges for allegedly filing his free water cup with soda at a McDonald’s in Springdale—so these accusations leveled against Eric are pretty damn serious.

Is this the kind of first kid we want in the White House, America? We’re sure Sasha and Malia are somewhere shaking their damn heads at Eric at this very moment. But hey, at least Eric's wife managed to pay for her drink. 

[via Eater]