Few things are more closely associated with California than weed and wineries. And though come November, the Sunshine State will vote to finally legalize recreational ganja use, it looks like one company is getting a head start on combining Cali’s two favorite past-times, producing a weed-infused wine for residents with medical marijuana licenses.

According to AOL, the aptly titled Mary Jane Wine currently makes a Malbec and a Chardonnay, both infused with Cannabidiol, or CBD extract—the component of marijuana used for medical benefits. Each bottle contains 10 milligrams of CBD oil, and will cost customers anywhere from $150 to $400 a bottle.

While mixing weed with wine may sound like the ingredients for a good time to some Californians, the company hopes its product will help cancer patients, as well as those who struggle with, glaucoma, schizophrenia, and various sleep disorders. Though a company in Colorado called Dad and Dude’s Breweria is currently making moves to sell a weed-infused beer nationwide, the beverage doesn’t contain THC and won’t get customers high. Mary Jane’s vino, however, seems to be quite potent.


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“Mary Jane Wines was created to provide an alternate avenue of consumption for the medicinal and healing properties of the hemp plant,” the company’s website reads. “We are now determined to change the landscape of both industries by pairing some of the world’s best hemp CBD with the world’s best grapes. In doing so, we hope to continue the research into understanding the medicinal values of each plant while developing world class wine and grape juice that will stand the test of time.”

While the company’s goals seem noble enough, if California votes to legalize recreational marijuana next month, maybe Mary Jane can bring its world class wine to a larger audience.


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