The passing of golf legend and beverage-mixing genius Arnold Palmer has stirred up a lot of emotions in recent weeks, with fans taking to social media to eulogize the four-time Masters-winner. But for those in Palmer’s hometown of Latrobe, Pennsylvania, the golfer's death has hit particularly hard. Luckily, at Palmer’s public memorial service on Tuesday, guests were be able to remember Arnold through his signature refreshment, knocking back mass quantities of perfectly proportioned iced tea and lemonade.

According to Foodbeast, the service was held at 11 a.m. at Saint Vincent College. Though it's unclear how many people ultimately attended, odds are fans drove from near and far to pay their respects to the King. Phil Mickelson and the US Ryder Cup team flew in for the occasion, and, according to ESPN's Darren Rovell, roughly 3,900 bottles of half-and-half were shipped to Latrobe, Palmer’s face emblazoned across the label of each one.

Arnold Palmer created his iconic mixture in the 1960s, and the beverage caught on nationally after a woman overheard the golfer order the drink at a restaurant in Palm Springs. "I want an Arnold Palmer," the woman said, according to short 30 for 30 documentary from ESPN. "I want what he ordered."

Though the King will of course be remembered for his prowess on the golf course (Mickelson, Rickie Fowler, and Bubba Watson were reportedly in tears as they brought the Ryder Cup to the service), chances are fans will continue to drink Arnold Palmers for years to come.

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