For most viewers, tonight’s presidential debate provides an excuse to drink on a Monday night (If Trump starts going off about China, we’re all rolling into work hungover as hell...). But for Tecate—the popular Mexican beer that’s recently become a favorite among American hipsters—tonight’s debate provides a Super Bowl-like platform to debut a new, politically-charged commercial.

With an expected audience of more than 80 million viewers, Tecate will introduce the “Tecate Beer Wall,” giving America and Mexico “a wall that brings us together.” 

The commercial’s initial shot features an aerial view from brand’s signature black eagle, revealing a sinister-looking wall in the middle of a desert. “The time has come for a wall. A tremendous wall,” the narrator says, perhaps mimicking the vocabulary of a certain, self-aggrandizing presidential candidate. “The best wall. The Tecate Beer Wall.”

The structure’s actual height of three feet is then revealed as a cooler of Tecate lands on top of the wall. Two groups of dudes then proceed to bro out over some brewskis, tossing each other a couple of cold cans from one side of the border to other. Diplomacy!

Though the commercial certainly seems to be lampooning Donald Trump’s xenophobic promise to construct a giant wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, Tecate insists this is not an official endorsement of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

"We are totally neutral," Felix Palau, Tecate’s vice president, tells Adage. "We don't have any political point-of-view or affiliation. We just want to tell a story where people from two bordering countries are united by beer."

Poking fun at a candidate’s immigration platform, however obliquely, doesn’t seem entirely neutral, but cheap beer is definitely unifying phenomenon.  

Though Monday’s debate is being broadcast ad-free, commercials will run before and after programming. Tecate’s beer wall commercial will not only run on right-leaning Fox News, but Spanish-language networks Univision and Telemundo as well.  

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