At first glance, the prospect of drinking a dozen beers and not feeling like death the next morning seems like an impossibility. Perhaps the keg stands and beer bongs of your 20s are behind you, and the excitement of enjoying a glass of white wine while watching The Great British Bake Off is enough to give you a splitting headache the next day.

But when you consider the fact that Ryan Crouser is a) an Olympic gold medalist b) weighs 275 pounds and consumes 6,000 calories a day and c) only 23-years-old, the real question is why the shot put champ isn't putting back Andre the Giant quantities of booze. Earlier this week, the New York Post caught up with Crouser to talk about his diet, and the current world record-holder casually mentioned that he could down a 12-pack of Bud Light and still go have a solid day at the gym a few hours later.

“How many beers can you drink and still function the next morning?” I asked. Dangerous question.

“It depends on the type of beer. If it’s something easy like a Bud Light, I can take down a 12-pack and still have an effective workout the next morning.”

While it would make sense to lecture Crouser here about the fleeting nature of youth—that he should enjoy his Wolverine-like abilities to bounce back from a hangover while they last—legend has it that Wade Boggs inhaled 107 beers and still played a full game of baseball. Maybe before the summer Olympics in 2020, when Crouser is 27, he should try taking down an entire case before throwing that discus around.

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