Ah, LaCroix. It's no secret that the Wisconsin -based seltzer company—once seen as an accessory to Midwestern mom jeans and mini-vans—is having a bit of a moment right now. Teetering on the edge of millennial irony and utterly sincere fandom, the beverage's status as a cultural phenomenon was solidified somewhere between a New York Times love letter to the brand, and when girls started rocking "LaCroixs Over Boys" t-shirts. It also must be said that Joe Mande—the stand-up comedian, Parks & Rec writer, and unabashed Twitter troll—had been riding extremely hard for LaCroix for years

Still, even though there's some 20 flavored of the sparkling water—ranging from pamplemousse to piña fraise to kiwi sandia—the public still wants more. Now, thanks to a Chicago-based creative studio called Nelson Cash, fans are able to put their own spins on the company's famously gaudy cans with the "My LaCroix" generator.

Users pick from six different colorways, then, taking a page out of guy Fieri's book, hit the button marked "Flavorize." And though fans can opt to either download or create a gif of their masterpieces, most have been sharing their sparkling, neon-colored inventions on Twitter. Predictably, many of the creations were "tears"-based. 

The Internet is a strange, seltzer-obsessed place. 

[via New York]