For the last few days, the world has been turned upside down. Last Friday, Bill Murray—quite possibly the greatest actor of all time—was seen hopping behind the bar at a Brooklyn restaurant, serving up shots of whiskey and cocktails to the crowd. And now, Kevin Durant—having lost his stake in his Oklahoma City restaurant, KD’s—seems to be looking for a new part-time job: Starbucks barista.

OK, so Durant is still going to make an ungodly amount of money as a Golden State Warrior. But on Thursday, the former MVP could be seen behind the counter at a Starbucks handing out drinks to customers.

Justin Taylor, the global director of digital marketing at Nike Basketball, captured the seen, posting a video KD doing his best barista impression to Twitter. Though it’s unclear where the event took place, we can confirm that “Mango Tango” was the featured smoothie of the day.

“Alison...? Alison…?” Durant could be heard asking nervously in the clip, clearly not wanting to get shamed on the Internet for misspelling a customer’s name. “Enjoy,” he added with a smile.

Though Starbucks has relaxed its dress code in recent months—allowing baristas to dye their hair purple and wear zany hats!—we’re pretty sure sweatshirts still aren’t allowed. Maybe stick to basketball for now, KD.

[via @TheSmarmyBum/Twitter]