Kanye doesn't need much of an excuse to be Kanye. Earlier this week, when the rapper could be seen drifting above his disciples on a levitating stage during his Saint Pablo tour, the theatrics didn't seem the least bit out of character for Yeezus. Still, there may be a reason why West's most recent string of dates have been especially lit.

On Wednesday night, following Kanye's McDonald's tweet heard round the world, Kim Kardashian posted photos from backstage at the Yeezy concert. And while West has had some over-the-top riders in the pastβ€”including 13 bottles of liquor totally $3,200β€”it turns out 'Ye now requires goddamn Hennessy and Coke slushy machine during his performance. (There's also a frozen Grey Goose lemonade machine, but who really cares when there's Henny around?)

Kardashian appropriately captioned the photo, "Pablo rider is LIT."

And while Hennessy has long existed as a mainstay in hip-hop, West has come to forge a special bond with the magic juice over the years. In 2009, while still dating Amber Rose, Kanye famously chugged a half-bottle of Henny at the MTV Video Music Awards before climbing on stage in the middle of Taylor Swift's acceptance speech.

At the VMAs last year, West hinted at how the Hennessy had contributed to his wild behavior that night.

"And I think if I had to do it all again, what would I have done?" Kanye said. "Would I have drank half a bottle of Hennessy and given the rest of it to the audience? Y'all know you would have drank that bottle, too."

Say what what you will about the man, but the truth is, we don't deserve Kanye West.

[via Anupa/Twitter]